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Welcome to Cook Chiropractic

Our Mission at Cook Chiropractic is Three-Fold:

  • 1
    We relieve pain and suffering.
  • 2
    We restore quality of life.
  • 3
    We save lives.

Our Philosophy

Using the latest technology, we will correctly identify what your problem is.

Through thorough diagnosis, we will provide the most advanced treatment to help solve your root problem, not just cover it up.

We will teach you what you can do to prevent the problem from coming back with long-term solutions.

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Chiropractic is about quality of life. People can withstand an amazing amount of pain. As strange as it sounds, most people don’t come to me for help because of pain. They may say that they do, but when we really get to the heart of things it is what the pain is preventing them from doing that people come to me for help. It is the new mother who has difficulty holding her newborn baby because of pain, the dad who can no longer throw a ball to his son because his back and shoulder hurt, or the grandparent who cannot get out and be active because it hurts too much. We get to make a real difference in the lives of people every day. When I hear of people able to live life to their fullest because we have been able to help them overcome their challenges, I find my greatest satisfaction being a chiropractor.

Dr. Veloy Cook

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