Patient Testimonials

It has been my pleasure for 20 years to serve the wonderful people of Spanish Fork and surrounding communities. The greatest success and happiness that I have as a Chiropractor is helping people feel better and be healthier. I want to share with you some of the kind words people have said of our office. Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in us.

Testimonial Poster
Testimonial Poster

When I started coming in my neck and head hurt really bad. Dr. Cook has helped me a lot with my pain in my neck, head and back. Thank you Dr. Cook for your help!!

Lucia Fernandez

When I first went to Dr. Cook I could barely move. The pain was so terrible that even picking up my 3-month-old daughter was agony. Dr. Cook was very kind and his staff was wonderful. Each receptionist took turns holding my screaming baby while Dr. Cook did the exam and adjustment. Then Dr. Cook personally carried out my daughter in her car seat and put her in my car. That was amazing to me. It took over a year but now I am able to do almost anything with my kids. The pain is only minimal once in a while, but I go in for an adjustment and I’m good to go again. Thank you Dr. Cook. You’re a great doctor and an amazing man. Thank you Belen, your personality made it easy to be there in the waiting room. Thank you –Thank you- Thank you!

Sandy Cook

Six months ago I was having terrible shoulder pain in my right shoulder and the pain was going down my arm. It was unbearable and I was living on Ibuprofen. When my arm started to go numb it scared me. I made an appointment with Dr. Cook, he made some adjustments and did therapy and gave me some exercises to do. Within three weeks I was feeling all the way better. Thanks Dr. Cook for making me pain free!

Kelly Stevenson

I sustained an injury from being run over by a car when I was a little girl at the age of 4 ½ years old. Dr. Cook helps to keep my lower back in alignment and prevents me from having surgery. I am thankful for that!

Jolene Hales

I was on short-term disability from work because of painful headaches. I had been to the doctor a few times and was referred to a neurologist. In the meantime someone in my ward suggested that I go to Dr. Cook to help me. I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in years but I figured why not. I saw him and he knew right away what the problem was. Immediately I felt better and I was able to go back to work within a few weeks. Thanks Dr. Cook

Lemuel Pedro

I was training for my third marathon with two of by good friends who were training for their first marathon and I all of a sudden hurt my back. It left me unable to do everyday things such as sitting, lifting my kids etc let alone run. Dr. Cook started working with me and fixed my back allowing me to finish my training and run a successful marathon with my friends, allowing them to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Thanks Dr. Cook!!

Kellie Shepherd

Chiropractic has helped my neck and back pain from a bad truck rollover. I am able to work a hard labor job. Without chiropractic help I couldn’t work as hard as I do.

Jenny Rodeback
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